Although many packaged coconut water claims to be “pure” or “100% coconut water”, many are not!

Most manufacturers have adopted several methods of packaging that ruin its purity, in the name of profit.

  • Adopting water from mature coconuts: Nutrient-dense water comes from young green coconut. As the one-seeded drupe ages, the nutrients seep into the meat of the coconut. Therefore, the water loses its nutritional value and also becomes more acidic. Not only are the nutrients severely depleted, the taste is different from that of young coconuts. Mature coconuts are better for making coconut milk, oil, and other products. They also cost less to manufacturers.

  • Using reconstituted concentrate instead of fresh coconut water: Heated and reduced to a syrup, regular water is later added to this coconut water syrup for packaging. When coconut water (or any fruit) is heated to this extent, it loses its nutrients, and its beneficial enzymes are denatured. Importing coconut water syrup is also cheaper for the manufacturer.

  • Pasteurizing coconut water with heat: Due to its delicate nature, coconut water is easily perishable. It should be kept cold when opened and exposed to air. Some manufacturers use extremely high heat to kill bacteria to extend shelf life of the water. This process destroys its vitamins, minerals, and enzymes—as well as flavor. While there are other ways to kill bacteria and still keep nutrients intact, manufacturers disregard more healthful methods. If coconut water is also from concentrate, it will have gone through the heating process twice!

  • Adding preservatives to flavor and sweeten coconut water: Having denatured its natural taste and flavor, the manufacturers add artificial flavors or sweeteners to try correcting the taste.

  • Dipping coconuts in chemicals for transport: Many non-organic coconuts are preserved for transporting to the United States by dipping them in known carcinogens—formaldehydeor sodium metabisulphite. These chemicals may seep into and poison the coconut meat and water.

Hold these thoughts in mind and we will go into brands that use the above method which are to be avoided.